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CamNet’s Technical Sales Team cover our three offices in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.

They are trained in the design and development of all categories of IT Solutions. Regardless of your market vertical they can build a solution to fit your unique needs!  

Arizona Sales Team

Heather Gillham

 Heather can be reached at or (480) 514-1600.

New Mexico Sales Team

Angela Garcia

Angela Garcia

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As CamNet’s longest tenured member of the Sales group, Angela Garcia is a professional in Technical Sales and Account Management for CamNet, Inc.  Angela has worked with CamNet for over eleven years and enjoys helping customers identify IT Solutions that solve their problems and make their day to day tech life easier and more efficient.  Angela has supported roughly 50 schools and school districts, as well as her group of Corporate, State, and Local Government clients.  Angela has worked with most of her clients for nearly her entire career at CamNet, and in many cases is somewhat a family member to them and their organizations.  She is a valued member of our Sales group and her clients would say the same.  Angela holds a BBA in Marketing from UNM and an MBA from Aspen University.  In her free time, Angela loves getting away to camp, spend time with her husband and kids, and create new recipes.

Angela can be reached at or (505) 314-6627.

Quentin Ferrante

Quentin can be reached at or (505) 850-2467.