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Who’s steering this ship, anyway?

Cam Ferrante

Cam Ferrante


Favorite Technology? My iphone; I love the ability see the locations of all my photos on a map

How do you spend most weekends? Hiking, biking, paddling – once I’ve finished the chores around the house….

Most preferable day of the week? Monday – endless optimism on how much I’ll get accomplished

Red or Green? Green for sure

What “lesson from Mom” do you still live by? Be nice, share, do what good you can, and check your fly


Mollie Swisher

Mollie Swisher


Favorite Technology? iPad, makes reading several books simultaneously, very easy!

Which sports catch your eye? Baseball, Golf, Football, Basketball, Volleyball…pretty much all of them at any level!

Most preferable day of the week? Thursday!

Sweet or salty? Great question, Peanut M&M’s and Sea Salt & Caramel Shakes are my go-to’s!

What “lesson from Mom” do you still live by? “Study hard, and learn lots!”