Curry County Administration Building

Curry County Administration Building

The County of Curry recently commissioned CamNet to install and configure its new security system for the newly-renovated Administration building.

The security system required integration between a video surveillance system, a door access system, and an alarm system. To meet the requirements, CamNet engineered and installed a system using the Genetec Security Desk platform to control and integrate the three systems including the following:

Video surveillance system consists of 32 cameras including the Axis Q3709 External 3 x 4K camera sensors for 180º coverage of large areas and Axis P1428 4K cameras for other areas. The internal cameras are a mixture of 2MP and 3MP cameras to cover hallways, customer transaction areas and public areas.

Access Control system controls 10 doors both internal and external using the Axis A1001 controller with a mixture of electronic strikes and powered crash/panic bars.

Alarm system consisting of 10 “Panic” buttons placed in critical areas to allow county personnel to immediately request assistance by pressing a Panic Button.

Genetec Security Desk software allowing the County to program custom actions and responses from various triggers. For example, the press of an alarm button can trigger specific cameras to increase their recording streams from the standard 10 frames per second to 30 frames per second for a specific period of time. In addition, an alert is sent to a specific list of personnel including the IT Manager’s smartphone and the Sheriff’s dispatch desk. The alert to the dispatch desk can also pop up specific camera views to show the area in the proximity of the alert. If the situation allows, managers can initiate a “lock-down” of the other doors in the system. The Genetec software is full-featured and scalable to allow other departments and even schools to be brought under the Security Desk features and functionality if desired.